Jul 242017

Hello everyone! It’s my turn to host the Project of the Week this time and after starting and stopping so many different projects (my mojo was sorely missing). I stumbled upon some shrinky dink film that had been hidden in my cupboard (isn’t it amazing what you find when your looking for something else?) and got the idea to use it to make a card embellishment.


I stamped the large butterfly onto the white piece of polyshrink material with Archival ink. Stazon would be the ink to use here, but I threw mine out years ago. Once dry, I cut around it being careful not to smudge the ink.


Using my heat gun (first warm it up, so it’s good and hot) I shrunk the butterfly down. Once it cooled off I glued it down onto the card.


I stamped a bunch of flowers in different colors of purple dye ink and randomly added some leaves to fill the space up. I then popped this up using fun foam onto a purple card base. I used several purple colors of Fabrika Decoru to add some dimension to the flower centers.


Here is a close up of the butterfly.

Stamps used:
5125-C, Dragonfly
10204-D, Leaf Cluster Solid
10207-E, Flower Cluster Solid
9001-L, Butterfly
10306-E, Daisy Solid Small
8611-E – Thinking

Thanks for stopping in!

~ Laurie

Jul 172017

Hello friends! Today, Wendy, owner of Repeat Impressions asked me to post a Project of the Week. I was just getting ready to do my monthly planner entries for the week and thought I’d show you how I organize and use Repeat Impressions stamps for mine.

After trying out SEVERAL planners, one with 2 page monthly entries seems to work best for me. Here are the supplies:


Repeat Impressions tiny stamps
tape runner
washi tape
small ink spot
any small dies that would fit
small calendar stickers

I went thru all my Repeat Impressions stamps and picked out all the small ones that would fit in the days of the week boxes. Then I stamped them on a guide and put them all in a plastic sleeve. This I keep in a container marked “Daily Planner Stamps & Dies” with the tape runner, washi, small ink spot and any other small things I might use.

And this is how I store them.


I keep all these supplies in this small plastic container so that once a week (usually on a Sunday afternoon) it is easy to pull this out and work out the week’s schedule. This only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Here is what the beginning calendar looks like. As the month goes on – the schedule changes and gets more stickers, stamps and tape runner on it.


I think setting out a specific schedule to do this and keeping all the supplies in one container helps makes this go quickly. If I have time I’ll do a little coloring with pencils. On the 28th do you see the rabbit in the hat? — that’s my evening to cook dinner — and believe me that’s like pulling a rabbit out of the hat!!

Keeping a written schedule is quite easy if all the supplies are together and a small amount of time each week is set aside. Using the stamps and coloring them helps me to remember what the week holds for me to do.

Thanks for looking at my project – hope you give it a try.

~ Joy

Jul 102017

I’m going to give you a quick little tutorial on how to do the out of the box die cutting technique; something that I find myself using quite a bit. Here’s what you need for this technique:
• an image (I used “Feline Friendly“)
• ink
• a die
• scissors
• pencil
• washi tape or similar low tack tape (I forgot to put it in the picture)


This technique works really well for large images (ones that are too big to fit in your die) and needs to have a part or parts of the image that hangs outside the width of the die.


Line up the die around your image where you want it and lightly trace along both sides of the die around the part of the image that falls outside of the die. For my card, it is along the sides of the die just around the cat’s tail. In the next photo you can see where I drew the lines:


Take your scissors, and carefully cut along the IMAGE lines just until you have cut in far enough to be able to pop the piece up over your die (you’ll see what I mean in the next photo). I drew light arrow lines to show how far in I cut.


Slide your die under the cut out part of the image until it lines up between the two lines you traced before and tape it in place so it doesn’t move. You can see how the cat’s tail is up on top of the die.


Run it through your die cutting machine like normal. You can see that my die cut is smaller than the die; I ran it through a second time after adjusting it because I didn’t want all that white space at the bottom.


Carefully and thoroughly erase any pencil lines and smooth the cut out portion down so you can’t see the cuts.


And here is my finished card:


I just love how his little tail is hanging out over the edge; I really think it adds to the cuteness. For my sentiment I used “Friends Make . . .“.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Heather

Jul 032017

Donna here with the Project of the Week for Repeat Impressions. I choose Distress Oxide Cling Wrap Background and had a lot of fun with this. I hope you will enjoy my tutorial and give this technique a try. I will be posting more cards at a later date that I make with more of the fun backgrounds I created!

The supplies you will need are: cling wrap, Oxide Distress Inks, (you can substitute watercolor powders or watercolors), a spray bottle of water, watercolor paper (you can substitute a good quality glossy card stock).

I am going to explain two versions, both are fun and striking, the second version requires more time patience.

Version one:
1) Spread cling wrap on your work surface. Smoosh Distress Oxide inks on the cling wrap, on my second go round I did not overlap them as much and liked those results better.


2) Spritz liberally with water.


3) Set card stock (4 /1/4 by 5 1/2 “) on the ink. Press down and scrunch the cling wrap a bit.


4) Flip over and scrunch cling wrap up and add any more colors to achieve desired look and more of a scrunched look.


Second version:
After laying the cardstock down on the Distress Oxide Inks flip over and let dry completely, no heat tool, be patient.


Complete cards as desired:
Version 1 using Repeat Impressions 6113-W Life is not…


Version 2 using Repeat Impressions 9009-W Butterfly (sm) and 3404-C, Random Dots.


I hope you enjoyed this technique and will give it a try. I would enjoy seeing your creations!

~ Donna