Mar 132017

Hi everyone, Donna here and it is my week to share a Project of the Week for The House That Stamps Built, using Repeat Impression stamps. I choose creating a Brusho background.

Start by gathering your supplies: Brusho’s, Watercolor paper (cut into fourths, trim later), Craft sheet or other waterproof surface, spritzer bottle filled with water, and 2 paper towels.


Choose 3 complimentary colors, I chose yellow, orange, and blue.  Sprinkle two colors lightly on your paper, you can always add more.


Spritz with water with a light touch until colors begin to blend.


Add third color and spritz again.  Add more Brusho as needed and more water as needed.


Continue to spritz and you can tip to blend the colors.  Area’s that muddy, get too wet, or that you want to lighten dab with the paper towel.


Continue the process until you get the look that you want to achieve.  You can air dry or speed up the process with your embossing tool, it will not change the look but will cause some warping.


Some people prefer to wet the paper first but I get more control with the method I showed, experiment with both and see what works best for you.

Assemble as desired using Scor-tape:
I used Repeat Impressions 708-K Rebecca and 4525-K Sunbeams for my card:


  4 Responses to “Project of the Week ~ Brusho Backgrounds”

  1. Awesome looking background! Great inspiration. love the tutorial

  2. great job, love it. I have a few Brusho’s I haven’t used yet, got last year at a show

  3. Great tutorial, Donna, and your card is beautiful. I love that image, and have created with her a lot. Brusho’s is something that I struggle with…will definitely try again now! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful!! I don’t have any brushos, yet, but this looks really cool. I might need some. : )

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