Sep 112017

Good morning, Wendy, owner of Repeat Impressions asked me to do the Project of the Week and I had just taken a class on rainbows and wanted to use this technique.

round concentric dies
various rainbow colored paper
washing tape, or post it tape

Step 1
Use washi tape to keep the concentric dies together as you cut various colors of paper.


Step 2
Alternate the circles of paper from your die cuts.


As you arrange the circles tape them together on the back – this will keep them together as you prepare your card.


Step 3
Cut the circles in half for two rainbows.


Step 4
Put your card together. The first one used the sentiment For the Beauty of the Earth….. and the second card uses the sentiment Beautiful Days.



Hope you give this a try. It is habit forming! Thanks for looking at my cards.

~ Joy

  5 Responses to “Project of the Week ~ Making Rainbows With Concentric Dies”

  1. Fantastic tutorial and beautiful cards!

  2. Great idea, Joy, and what a fun, easy tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What an awesome and easy way to create rainbows!! Love it!

  4. Who doesn’t love a rainbow? This is such a fabulous tutorial and your creations are gorgeous!

  5. What a lovely way to create a rainbow! Thanks for sharing.

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