Jun 192017

Hi everyone,

Cheri here with a fun Project of the Week for you. I love doing all sorts of craft things with pretty napkins and one of the things I like to do is make cards with them. Let me show you how I do it.

The supplies I use are napkins (of course), gel matte medium, two paint brushes (one for the gel medium and one for water – only one brush is shown in the photo) and card stock of your choice. I used 80# white for this.


The first thing you’ll need to do is separate your napkins. Some are 2 ply and some are 3 ply. It’s important to only have the image layer of the napkin. The easiest way I’ve found to separate the panels is take a piece of tape, and stick it to the back side of the napkin and pull off the layers. They come apart easily this way. Once separated, you can cut the napkin is sections.



The next step is to find the area of the napkin you want to have on your card layer and you can easily tear that away by taking one of your paint brushes get it lightly wet and barely touch the outside area of the image, being careful to keep the water from wetting more area than you wish.


The next step is to apply gel medium to the brush you’ve set aside for that and use the gel to attach the torn napkin to your card stock panel. Brushing gently from the center to the outside in order to avoid wrinkles.


Once dry, you can trim your piece and create your card. This is a great technique for a quick card using just a sentiment stamp.

I have made these in sets and given them as gifts many times. They really are quite fun to make and I’m sure you can think of many other ways to use those pretty napkins.



Above I used Repeat Impressions stamps #8114-F Chicken Soup/Puppies and #1112-E “Just a Note”



and Repeat Impressions #1145-F “Greetings From” and “Happy” plate #9800

I hope you’ll give this project a try… it’s really a fun one.

  5 Responses to “Project of the Week ~ Using Paper Napkins On Your Cards”

  1. Cheri, these are awesome!! I have seen a similar technique floating around the internet, but I like these better! They look amazing with just the sentiments. I am definitely going to have to give this a try. Pinning it right now.

  2. Oh my Cheri there are beautiful – and you choose such beautiful napkins and sentiments to put with them. I think this is on my list of “things to do”.

  3. I’m so impressed! What a beautiful finished product, and the technique is uber-fun! Cannot wait to give it a try. Shirley and I are already gathering our napkins! Wonder if Gesso would work? Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Your cards are so gorgeous! I have not done napkin cards in ages. In fact, no pretty napkins do I own right now but I remember getting such beautiful results using them. You certainly have some pretty ones.

  5. Fabulous cards, I am going to be looking at napkins with a new eye everywhere I go!

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