Apr 242017

Hello… Cheri here for The House That Stamps Built with a new Project of the Week for you. I’m calling it faux silk background, but it may have another name somewhere else.

This is what it looks like.


Stamps used are 10301-H “Patti’s Flower Solid, 10310-H “Mum Solid”, 10308-H “Kathy’s Flower Solid”, 10306-E “Daisy Solid Sm.”, 10311-C “Leaf Solid Sm.”, 10318-D “Leaf Solid Lg.”, 10204-D “Leaf Cluster Solid”, 9009-F “Butterfly Sm.” and 1105-E “Thinking of You”.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:


A piece of white card stock cut a little smaller than your tissue paper piece. Tissue paper, dye inks of your choice, glue. You can use a glue stick, I used ATG double sided tape.

Begin by inking your stamp(s) with your choice of ink and stamp your tissue paper in the area or areas where you’d like your image or images to appear.


Once you have the tissue paper piece to your liking you now must do the hard part….wait for it to dry completely. You can hit it with a heat gun if you can’t wait, but it’s very, very important that the ink is completely dry.

When the tissue is dry, roll it into a ball then unroll it carefully. Cover your white card stock with glue completely, and gently lay your tissue piece over it carefully tapping it to the card stock piece to adhere.



Here’s a close look at what it should look like.


Trim the edges and use it on your card base as desired.

I hope you like this and give it a try, it makes a unique and lovely background.
Thanks for stopping by today and have a super creative week!

Feb 272017

Hi there everyone! Cheri here with a new Project of the Week to share. It’s called “Masking with Rubber Cement”.

You can purchase masking fluid in many art departments and online in many locations. However, you can also get the same results by using plain old rubber cement and it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Here is one of the projects I made using the technique I’m going to show you.


For this card I used RI Stamps #9114-I “Heart Air Balloon” and the sentiment is #2505-H “The Very Best…”.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for this project.


Watercolor Paper, Rubber Cement, Small Paint Brush (for applying the rubber cement), Assortment of Distress Inks or watercolor medium of your choice, VersaMark Embossing Ink, White Embossing Powder, Waterproof ink and your choice of stamps. Paper Mask for balloon image. (Note: I used my MISTI stamp positioning tool for stamping my images)

Stamp the Heart Balloon stamp onto the watercolor paper panel, in the area where you’d like the “front” balloon to be. Stamp with VersaMark Ink, sprinkle with white embossing powder and heat emboss. Note: When stamping, be sure you get a good stamped image with the ink. Sometimes it takes two or three times to get a good impression on watercolor paper.

When cool, use the paper mask to cover this stamped and embossed image. Again, place the balloon where you’d like it to appear behind the front one. Repeat the inking process, apply the embossing powder and heat emboss.

I taped my card panel down with painter’s tape on a piece of board I use to keep the watercolor paper flat while adding water. It reduces warping.


Using your small paint brush, apply the rubber cement to the center of your images or to any area you’d like to mask (preventing watercoloring to color the area). Be sure to get good coverage in the areas you want masked. Now, wait for it to dry… it takes about 10 minutes.

When your rubber cement is dry, you can now apply your watercolor (with a clean brush, NOT the one you used for the cement). You can give the background a wet wash and apply color that way or you can apply your wet watercolor straight to the paper. Both effects are quite nice. I’ll have an example of the wet watercolor to paper application at the end of this post.

For the wet wash, just “paint” your watercolor panel with clean water. I smooshed the Distress Inks on an acrylic block and picked up some color with the brush I used to apply the water to the watercolor paper and dropped each color in the area where I wanted it.



After your background is as you like it you can remove the rubber cement by simply rubbing it off with your finger.


In this photo you can see where some of the watercolor got in areas where I didn’t have enough rubber cement coverage. I fixed that by taking a very small brush and just wetting those areas and dabbing it off with a paper towel.

Now just decorate your card as you’d like it.

Here’s a second card I did using the wet paint to dry paper. The same process was followed except for that.


Stamps used for this card are #10303-H “Daisy Outline Large”, #10302-E “Daisy Outline Small”, #10319-F “Leaf Outline Slender” and #10321-H “Stem Outline”. The sentiment is #1112-E “Just a Note”.

I hope you enjoyed this and you give it a try.

Jan 022017

Cheri here, starting off 2017 with a brand new Project of the Week. I’m calling it “dryer sheet background technique”.


Supplies you’ll need:
Several dye inks that react with water
Watercolor paper or heavier weight (100#) card stock
Water in a sprayer bottle
Used dryer sheets (one for each collection of colors you are using)
Craft sheet or some other waterproof base (freezer paper/waxed paper) for your work surface.
Stamps and ink to finish your project with.

Step 1 – Press your inks in a row onto your craft sheet.
Step 2 – Spray with water from your sprayer until you have nice saturation and beeding that looks like this. (If you’d like a softer background, use more water)


Step 3 – Place one of your dryer sheets over the watered inks on your craft sheet.


I like to let it sit on top of the ink for a little while in order for the dryer sheet to soak up some of the ink. Grab each end of the sheet and give it a slight twist back and forth then bring it to your card stock to the area you’d like the ink to be.


You can twist it again while on your card stock, however, unless you want the colors to mix together, be careful to keep the wet inks in their own area. When you’re satisfied with the coverage, you can get another generation using the same dryer sheet and another piece of card stock if you’d like. NOTE: You can repeat this process with other colors of inks and fresh used dryer sheets.



Step 4 – Use your new backgrounds as you’d like for new card or project creations.




I really liked how these big word stamps looked against these dryer sheet backgrounds. I used three of the 4 sets: You Series #10100, Thanks Series #10000 and Hello Series #9900. BTW, these sets all come in red rubber on cling too.

I hope you liked this tutorial and will give it a try. It’s really fun to do and to see the cool results you get with used dryer sheets.

Have a fabulous year ahead!

Dec 192016

Good morning, everyone! It’s time for another great installment in our Rock Star Spotlight series. In case you missed my earlier posts, we’re taking a break from our usual projects and challenges this month to bring back our Rock Star Spotlight series. This little game of questions has proved to be a fun way to get to know the artists behind the cards we’ve been sharing. So each Monday and Wednesday throughout December we’ll be featuring a different Rock Star and showing off some of their latest creations too.

We hope you will visit often and leave each of these talented ladies a little love in the comments. And to make it even more fun for you, we’ll be awarding a $25 Repeat Impressions gift certificate to one lucky commenter. Every comment earns you another chance to win. So visit and comment often. We’ll use random.org to choose a winner and make the announcement the first Monday of next month.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on RI Rock Star, Cheri Weston.



Card creations by Cheri Weston.
Visit Cheri’s blog.

1. Tell us a little about your family.
I am so blessed to be married to a great guy, who supports my stamping hobby. I’m blessed even more with three grandchildren, Lucy is 2, Alexa is 8 and Philip is 9. They live in another state, so we don’t see them as often as we’d like, but thanks to Facetime we’re able to talk and see them when we want, as well as catch up on some of the antics Lucy is up to these days.

2. How did you get into stamping?
I started out stamping by offering to make baby shower invitations for my daughter-in-law’s first pregnancy. That was nearly 10 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing, but there was a small stamping store near me, so I went there and asked some questions, bought some stamps and other supplies and made 50 baby shower invitations. Instantly, I knew I’d found a craft and hobby I would always love.

3. What is your favorite holiday or occasion to create cards for?
Christmas! I love making Christmas cards.

4. What is your favorite stamping style or technique?
My style is CAS (clean and simple). At first I struggled with it because I always wanted to add “just one more thing” to my cards, but I learned how to make the most out of the least and loved the look. It took some time, and I’m still learning, but I find it difficult now to build layers on a card.

5. What is your favorite color combo and coloring method?
I love the versatility of black, white and red in combination. You can pick any stamp in your collection and design something with that color combo for almost every card occasion. I love coloring with Copic Markers. I’ve taken some classes online and I get by with what I’ve learned. I’m not an expert, but I find it really fun to color with them.

6. Aside from the usual necessities, what one crafting tool could you not go a day without?
My Vagabond die cutting machine, hands down!

7. Are you an early bird or a night owl? When do you do most of your stamping?
I do most of my stamping in the evening. The days are full of chores and errands to run, but I usually set aside the evenings for stamping.

8. Tell us a little about your craft room/stamping space. And are you neat and organized or creatively messy?
I am definitely not as neat and organized as I’d like to be. At times I am working on more than one project at a time and it gets really messy and I lose things that were “just in front of me” far too often. I am so lucky to have a dedicated craft room. My husband built a section in our basement as a craft room for me a few years ago and while I don’t like being in the basement, the room is really nice and it’s my own space. Before the craft room was built I used our dining room and it didn’t take long before I’d outgrown that space…the craft room was an urgency when there was barely inches of space in the dining room.

9. What has been your biggest stamping challenge?
In the beginning, it was all the various types of ink to use. I was confused by their differences and when to use them. Now, I think my biggest challenge is letting go of some of my accumulated stamping “stuff”. It’s time to clean out and lighten the stash, but it seems to be hard for me to let go.

10. What’s the best stamping related gift you ever received?
My husband made me a fantastic craft table when he built my craft room. He found some inexpensive kitchen base cabinets, had a custom top made for them and put them on a frame with casters. It not only has lots of storage, I can also move it, if and when I need to.

11. If money were no object, what new crafting tool or supply would you choose?
I’m a bit embarrassed to say this, but I have pretty much everything I want.

12. Tell us 3 of your most favorite Repeat Impressions’ designs.
My favorites are the Christmas (especially the penguins), the floral stamps and Big Words.

13. Not including stamping, what’s your favorite pastime?
Getting outside and walking or gardening or skiing or snowshoeing….I love being outside.

14. What’s on your perfect pizza?
Garlic, spinach, feta, mozzarella, asiago, black olives, pineapple and red onion. Love it.

15. What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Mint Chocolate Chip. Anything with mint in it gets my vote. Add mint to chocolate, my second favorite flavor…I’m in heaven. I’m also in love with gelato and I have to tell you, if you’re ever in Maine, go to Brunswick and Gelato Fiasco….you will absolutely be in heaven.

16. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
On a dare from my brother, I waterskied across Lake Champlain, from Vermont to New York State. A total of three miles…it was such fun, but my legs were worn out.

17. Name 3 things on your “bucket list”.
Visit Alaska, Visit Australia and Visit New Zealand.

18. If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?
LLBean…so much I’d love to have from there.

19. If you could take only 3 items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?
A bottle of wine, my book and a beach chair.

20. If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction? And who would play you in the movie of your life?
Oh, a comedy for sure and Goldie Hawn would play me…I have so many blond moments it’s scary.

Many thanks to Cheri for the fabulous Christmas card creations and for sharing her responses here with us. What fun to get to know her a little better! Now be sure to leave her some love here below in the comments for your chance at our $25 gift certificate! Then join us again on Wednesday for our next Rock Star Spotlight featuring Joy Hadden.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope your week is off to a great start!

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