Nov 062017

Hey — Wendy, owner of Repeat Impressions let me do the Project of the Week for this week and I’m crazy about it.  I’ll be doing some experimenting with it and here are my first attempts.

Ok – I love, love the new stitching dies – but Holy Toledo! they are expensive.  I want a leaf stitching die and just the dies alone were $24.00.  So I came up with this idea.

Here are the supplies you will need:
Tracing wheel (the kind you use for pattern marking)
Favorite image (stamped already)
A little black ink
An old mouse pad


4904-F, Get Well Postoid stamp and 5127-K, Maple Leaf Silhouette stamp.

First gently ink up the wheel (just like you would do a brayer) – I used a little ink dew drop – because I didn’t know if it would cut the ink pad.

Here I used a ruler on top of the mouse pad to make sure I did it straight.


Here I did it slowly using curves.


1216-O, Ruffled Heart Border stamp.

Here I did it using the leaves – this was my goal!


Here are the leaves and small rectangle finished.


Here is the card I did using the technique.


This also used the word “Happy” from the 3104-F, Happy Everything sentiment and some alphabet letters.  I attached a Starbucks card.

Thanks for looking at my project – hope you give it a try.

~ Joy

Sep 112017

Good morning, Wendy, owner of Repeat Impressions asked me to do the Project of the Week and I had just taken a class on rainbows and wanted to use this technique.

round concentric dies
various rainbow colored paper
washing tape, or post it tape

Step 1
Use washi tape to keep the concentric dies together as you cut various colors of paper.


Step 2
Alternate the circles of paper from your die cuts.


As you arrange the circles tape them together on the back – this will keep them together as you prepare your card.


Step 3
Cut the circles in half for two rainbows.


Step 4
Put your card together. The first one used the sentiment For the Beauty of the Earth….. and the second card uses the sentiment Beautiful Days.



Hope you give this a try. It is habit forming! Thanks for looking at my cards.

~ Joy

Jul 172017

Hello friends! Today, Wendy, owner of Repeat Impressions asked me to post a Project of the Week. I was just getting ready to do my monthly planner entries for the week and thought I’d show you how I organize and use Repeat Impressions stamps for mine.

After trying out SEVERAL planners, one with 2 page monthly entries seems to work best for me. Here are the supplies:


Repeat Impressions tiny stamps
tape runner
washi tape
small ink spot
any small dies that would fit
small calendar stickers

I went thru all my Repeat Impressions stamps and picked out all the small ones that would fit in the days of the week boxes. Then I stamped them on a guide and put them all in a plastic sleeve. This I keep in a container marked “Daily Planner Stamps & Dies” with the tape runner, washi, small ink spot and any other small things I might use.

And this is how I store them.


I keep all these supplies in this small plastic container so that once a week (usually on a Sunday afternoon) it is easy to pull this out and work out the week’s schedule. This only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Here is what the beginning calendar looks like. As the month goes on – the schedule changes and gets more stickers, stamps and tape runner on it.


I think setting out a specific schedule to do this and keeping all the supplies in one container helps makes this go quickly. If I have time I’ll do a little coloring with pencils. On the 28th do you see the rabbit in the hat? — that’s my evening to cook dinner — and believe me that’s like pulling a rabbit out of the hat!!

Keeping a written schedule is quite easy if all the supplies are together and a small amount of time each week is set aside. Using the stamps and coloring them helps me to remember what the week holds for me to do.

Thanks for looking at my project – hope you give it a try.

~ Joy

May 222017

Wowie!! I just got back from an event for card makers where we learned new techniques and found some fabulous inspiration. Today Wendy, owner of Repeat Impressions has asked me to do the Project of the Week and I’ll show you one of the techniques we learned. Here are the supplies you will need.


1. Mineral Paper – First a little about mineral paper — it’s made from rocks – not trees! It is silky, very flexible and a dream to work with. I can’t believe how soft and creamy it is. This pad is 11×14.
2. Alcohol Inks – in your favorite colors (3-4 colors)
3. Rubbing Alcohol – needs to be the 99% – the 70% doesn’t work as well and tends to just wet the paper.

That’s it for supplies.

Take one sheet and drop your chosen colors one at a time onto the paper in random drops – you can fill the entire page or leave some white areas.

Spray the paper with the alcohol or randomly add drops of the alcohol. It is amazing the patterns the alcohol makes — WARNING — it is addictive! (and fun!)


Then have stamps and dies ready to cut out and stamp – before you know it you will have 8-10 cards made in no time! Great for making card sets to give as gifts.

Here are 6 of the 8 cards I made. The other two will be posted on different challenges.


I used the sentiments Thanks So Much, Hello and Get Well Soon.


These use the sentiments Thanks So Much, time to celebrate and Happy Birthday.

I hope you give this a try. Be sure to wear an apron – alcohol inks stain (ask me how I know). It is fun and I’d love to see what you create!

~ Joy