Sep 082014

I’m Joyce and it’s my turn to bring you the Repeat Impressions Project Of The Week (POTW).

I love making 3-D items – specifically treats and party favors. It’s been a while since I’ve made any, so it’s time. I decided to make that my POTW.

I love these super simple treats!!! They can be made to fit any holiday, gathering or milestone.


Stamp and color the images you’ll want to use for this project.


You can use almost any kind of small snack for this project. I wanted to use a mini Kit Kat bar but didn’t have any in the house. The only thing I had around were these York Peppermint Patties and they have Christmas images on the wrapper so they are obviously left over from last year. Yikes!

Cut and score the patterned paper. Lay out your patterned paper wrong side up. Place your snack on top of it, centered from left to right. Cut your paper down so that it is 3/4″ longer than the snack on the top & the bottom. From left to right be sure that you have enough paper to wrap around the snack and overlap by at least a 1/2″. Score left & right of the snack leaving a 1/4″ gap – make that gap 1/4″ from the candy and not the edge of the wrapper since the wrapper doesn’t really take up space in the treat wrapper.


Add some 1/2″ double stick tape along the top edge and bottom edge of the snack holder – just along the middle section of the paper. Add a strip of 1/4″ double stick tape to either the left or right edge of the wrapper.


Overlap the patterned paper along the back edge of the snack wrapper. Once that back seam is secured, sneak between the layers to remove the backing off that 1/2″ double stick tape. Be sure the treat is enclosed before you seal the wrapper shut. Press those upper and lower seams to be sure they are secure. If you have a crimper, you can crimp that upper and lower edge to give them a very professional appearance.


Now it’s time to decorate your wrapper.

I’ve created 3 examples for you. First I created a belly band to go around the middle of the treat wrapper. I topped it off with this very cool image called 2308-E Bats.


Then I created a treat with this adorable, spooky cat peaking out of a jack-o-lantern – 806-G Jacko-‘lantern Cat. I used the following Copic markers: YR65 ,YR68 for the jack-o-lantern, YR23 for the jack-o-lantern face, and C-3 & C-5 for the cat.


This last version is my favorite version. Check out this candy corn. This image is called 2306-D Candy Corn. Copic markers used: Y11, Y15 for the yellow stripe, YR65, YR68 for the orange stripe & C-1 for some shadowing on the white section.


I hope you get a chance to try out these super simple snack holders for your next gathering. It’s a special treat to share with your guests.


Jul 142014

I’m Joyce, and it’s my turn to present the Repeat Impressions Project Of The Week.

I really enjoy all the chevron printed paper that is currently available. It’s such a fun look. I have also seen some instructions online showing how to make your own chevron accents for your projects. I thought I’d play around with that a little bit and show you a few different looks.


First, I’ll show you a super quick way to create the basic chevron look. Select a paper that fits the card you are planning to create. Cut the paper into small squares. I used 1 1/4″ squares for most of my version but this same design can be created using whichever size squares you like.

Once you cut your squares, cut them in half from corner to corner to create triangles.


Like this…..


Draw a faint pencil mark across the width of the card at whatever height you would like – I placed mine at 2″ from the bottom.


Place the long edge of each triangle along the pencil line. Get one glued down and just build off of that.


Now, you just add another row of triangles on the opposite side of that same pencil line. I left just the smallest gap between rows. Just line up that first triangle using that upper row as a guide – just shift it over half the length of a triangle. The end tip of the lower triangle should be straight down from the highest part of the upper triangle. Once you have that first triangle glued down, the next ones go in very easily till your row is complete.


Cut any long ends off, using the edge of the card as a guide.


Here is one version of a card using this chevron design. This image is Repeat Impressions’ 8204-H Kitten. I colored this adorable kitty with my Copic markers (E51, E53, E55 and just a few touches of E57).

Once I had one card made, I just had to see what other looks could be created using this same idea.


Next I created a card using embossed paper. What I like about creating my own chevrons is that you can make them whatever color or size you want. Where preprinted paper may not have that exact color your looking for.


My last version is a layered chevron.


I did this the same as I did my original card, but in this case I made my pencil line on that blue background paper. Once the triangles were adhered, I just made some simple straight cuts about an 1/8″ away from the chevron paper to create a little matted background.


I’ve been having fun creating with these chevron backgrounds. An interesting background can be a huge step towards creating a great card. Add one of the beautiful images from Repeat Impressions and you have something special.

Thanks for joining me for the RI POTW. I hope you’ll give this technique a try.


May 262014

Happy Monday Morning!!

I’m Joyce and its my turn to present the Project of the Week for Repeat Impressions and I have a simple and fun project to show you.


Believe it or not, that is only one adorable pig image stamped several times. They are all turned at this angle and that angle to create the look of a whole bunch of dancing pigs. Carefully matting them on black paper gives that filmstrip look. So cute.

The first step is picking out the image you want to work with, and this adorable 909-G Ballerina Pig is a perfect example.

I stamped the image several times at different angles. Actually, I ended up stamping 6 sets of the image to get the look I was going for.


Next, I colored my images. I used Copic markers R00 & R20 for the pigs body and B21 & B23 for her adorable little tutu. That’s it!!! Just 4 markers.

I had to play around a little bit to figure out what size I wanted to make my ‘filmstrip’ but in the end, I made my black background 1 3/4″ wide. I left the strip about 7″ long and then cut it down to the exact size after I had glued it down. The size can very depending on what angle you use so its better to have them too long than to run short.

Each little piggy image is cut an 1/8″ narrower than that black strip and I made the each image 2″ tall. You can adjust yours any way you choose to, based on the size of your image.

I really played around with my images for a while to get them laid out the way I wanted. When I did adhere them down, I left just and 1/8″ between each image. You just want a little bit of black peaking through.


Once I had my filmstrip assembled, I used foam tape to mount it to my card front at the angle I liked. After it was adhered, I trimmed off the excess filmstrip so that my angles would be exact.

Originally this (below) was how I was going to lay out my card – one filmstrip with a sentiment for accent but something was missing. The card seemed like it needed something more. Something was missing. I realized that I could use my remaining pieces of images that you see laying to the right of the card, to create additional filmstrips. I took those pieces and adhered them to another 1 3/4″ strip of black paper and strategically tucked them behind to make it look like I had several filmstrips. Those additional strips are mounted directly to the card base while only that main filmstrip is popped.


Adding those extra filmstrips in the background, gave it the look I was going for. I popped my sentiment and my card is complete.


Like most cards, it took a little playing around to get the look I was going for but I really like how the finished card turned out. Just a fun, silly, quirky card that looks difficult but is really 1 image laid out in a way that makes it look like a whole lot more. It was a blast to make. How can those dancing piggies not make you smile?


Join us again next Monday for another Project of the Week and be sure to check out all the amazing images at Repeat Impressions shop.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mar 242014

Hello Everyone! I’m Joyce and I’m thrilled to bring you this week’s Project of the Week for Repeat Impressions.

I love the look of all the polaroid style dies and accents that I’ve been seeing on the paper craft blogs and Pinterest. I saw that someone had created a polaroid style focal point by masking and inking and I just had to run with it.


This is a super simple technique that really makes a card look special. To create a template, all you need to do is cut a square in the middle of a piece of card stock. I made my opening 3″ x 3″ but you can make yours whatever size you prefer. I cut mine with my Cricut but this is something that could be done with a large square punch, a nestabilities or any number of tools we have in our craft areas. I cut my template into the shape of a polaroid for visual purposes, but you could easily leave it larger – it probably would be easier to work with.


Apply repositionable tape to the back of a piece of white card stock. Place that on a piece of scratch paper. Place your template over the white card stock. Use painters tape (or some other, easily removable tape) to hold your template in place.


While this is all taped in place, you will need to stamp your image. I used Repeat Impressions 1601-K Bear Hug. Such an adorable image and perfect for this project.


I then colored my image with my favorite Copic markers. For the large bear, I used E31, E33 & E35. For the little bear, I used E51, E53, & E55. For the bow in her hair, I used, R22 & R24. Color your image whatever way your most comfortable – I know Copic markers are not for everyone yet I struggle with colored pencils. Always use what works best for you!


Now to create that polaroid look, carefully ink the background of your image. I used a blue for the upper half and a green for the lower half but any distress ink or chalk ink would work just fine. The point is to create that square shape to your focal point. Please be careful that your image doesn’t slip as you are inking. It is easy enough to slide it right back in place and finish your inking.


You will be impressed how cute your image looks when taken out of the template. Mine doesn’t look like I’ve inked it much at all but it shows up just fine. If yours does need additional ink, you can slide it right back under the template, line it up and add the desired effect your looking for. I trimmed the image down to a 1/4″ border around the 3 narrow edges and 3/4″ along the bottom edge.


It’s as simple as that!!! Now all you have to do is decorate your card any way you choose. I love working with Kraft paper – that seems to be my ‘go to’ paper lately. I added just a couple of layers of bright color, tied some twine around the larger bottom edge and added a button. I popped the whole ‘polaroid’ and set it at a cute angle.



I hoped you enjoyed my project. I had a blast sharing it with you. Join us every Monday here for a new Project of the Week.