Sep 252017
Good morning!
I’m the Monday morning hostess today here at The House That Stamps Built. It’s my turn to share a Project of the Week with all of you.  Today, I chose to share a tutorial for an easy treat holder for my tutorial.


For this tutorial, I’m using these Repeat Impressions stamps:

Cut a strip of cardstock to 1 15/16″ x 10″.


Score at 4″, 6″, 7″, and 9″
Burnish your score lines. Now your strip looks like this.


Before I went any further, I took a decorative punch to the top of my strip. This step is optional.
Add Scor-Tape, or adhesive of choice to the small tab, but do not remove the liner yet!


Punch a hole between the two score lines opposite the top of your strip.
I used a 1 1/4″ punch for this project.


Begin decorating your strip.  I stamped on what will be the ‘front’ side of my treat holder.


If you wish to decorate the ‘holder’, you will need to flip your strip over, and stamp on the opposite side.  Be sure that you are stamping on the side with the adhesive, with that end at the top.

If you look closely, you can see where the penguin was stamped – the Copics bled through a bit.


Now, just remove the adhesive liner, and attach the flap to the front of your treat holder.
All that’s left to do is add candy and decorate!


Here is the finished product.
You can change the dimensions of this holder, and add a votive candle, if you’d like!


Here is your finished treat box – coolest ‘easy box’ ever, right?

We hope that you will give this a try!

Come back and let us know if you do – we’d love to see your finished projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Patti J.
Jul 312017

Good morning!

I’m the Monday morning hostess at The House That Stamps Built. It’s my turn to share a Project of the Week with all of you. Today, I chose Inking with Finger Daubers for my tutorial.

For this tutorial, I’m using these Repeat Impressions stamps:
6201-L Triple Cats
8210-F No Ordinary Cats

First, gather your supplies. You will need a few inks, a few finger daubers, and a fun stamp.


Using a finger dauber, ink up the first cat, being sure not to ink up any of the other parts of the stamp.


Stamp the first image, and repeat the process on the second cat, using a different ink and dauber.


Here is what it looks like. As you can see, I got a bit of ink on the ‘framework’ of the stamp.
No worries!


Repeat the process using a third dauber and ink color.


At this point, the cats were ‘masked’ using some scraps of post it notes. Once all of the masks were in place, I daubed black ink on the frame.


Before stamping, careful and quickly remove the scaps of post it notes.
You can see in the image below, that only the frame has ink on it.


Here’s what it looks like with all Post-It’s removed.


Stamp the image.


Here is your finished image – pretty cool, right?


Now, all you have to do is finish your card! Voila!


Last, here is a close-up of the stamped image….


We hope that you will give this a try! Come back and let us know if you do – we’d love to see your finished projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by,
~ Patti J.

Jun 052017

Good morning!

I’m the Monday morning hostess at The House That Stamps Built. It’s my turn to share a ‘Project of the Week’ with all of you.

Today, I will show you how to use the Repeat Impressions ‘Stamp-A-Box’.
This is such a fun little box – it only measures about an inch wide, tall, and deep when finished – just perfectly sized for a Hershey’s kiss!

For today’s tutorial, I’m using this Repeat Impressions stamp: 3502 – Rose Stamp-A-Box

Let’s get started!

You will need your box stamp, some scissors, ink, and either markers or patterned papers.


You will need to stamp your image. I used a very faint ink color, as I didn’t want the
dotted lines to show through.


Here’s what the pattern looks like when stamped in black ink.


I took some Spectrum Noir markers, and just colored the whole thing.


I decided I didn’t like the roses that way, so I stamped just the upper portion of the image
again, on a designer paper.


Just the flowers were fussy cut, and glued onto the sloppily colored roses.


Here is what the box looks like now!
I put the box on my Scor-Pal, and scored on all of the fold lines,
then added Scor-Tape to the end flap, and one of the bottom flaps.
As you can see, there are cut lines on the roses. Cut those now, as well.


Adhere the small end flap to the other side of the box. It will then look like this.


Fold in two of the bottom flaps…then fold in the flap with the Scor-Tape on it.
Fold the last flap in, creating your box bottom.


Now for the fun part! It’s all beginning to come together!
Add a ‘kiss’, or whatever you’d like.


Fold in the two top flaps, and then ‘intersect’ the two cut lines on your roses.


Voila! Is this not the cutest little tiny box ever?


Thanks for taking time to visit today – hope you’ll try one of these cute boxes!



I hope that you will give this a try!
Come back and let us know if you do – we’d love to see your finished projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Patti J.

Apr 102017

Hey there!

Can you believe it’s already Monday?

It’s my turn to be the Project of the Week hostess here at The House that Stamps Built.

Today, I will share how easy it is to make a card with a split front. These always draw lots of oooh’s and aaah’s, and look far more difficult and labor intensive than they really are. I know that you’ll want to make one and I can’t wait to see it!!!

These Repeat Impressions stamps were used:
8620-D Healing
4002-G Heartfelt Sympathy
1137-E Mother’s Day

First you will need an A2 card base. I cut mine at 4.25″ x 11″.


Since I’m making more than one card, you will see two of everything :)

Score your cardstock at 5.5″


Burnish your score lines.


Decide which will be your bottom front of card. Cut 1.25″ off and set aside.


Cut another 1.25″ off.


This is what you should have.
You will only need one of the 1.25″ white strips. You can either discard the second one, or if you’re a hoarder like me, you can save it for another project!


Now you will need some layers. You will need:

one piece of designer paper that measures 3.75″ x 2.25″
one piece of designer paper that measures .75″ x 3.75″
one piece of ‘matting’ cardstock that measures 4″ x 2.5″
one piece of ‘matting’ cardstock that measures 1″ x 4″
one piece of matting cardstock that measures 2″ x 2.75″*
one piece of white cardstock that measures 1.75″ x 2.5″*
*depending on your sentiment or image the last two pieces may vary in size from my card.

These are the layers that you will have (these are not yet assembled – I’ve just laid them out for you to see)


Stamp your image or sentiment on your white panel. Lucky for me, there is this really fabulous white cardstock that I use, which enables me to turn my piece over and try again in the event of a mis-stamp!


Now, just begin assembling all of your layers.


Top of card


Here, you will place your white strip at the bottom of your card, being careful to line it up with your bottom edge of the card back. It’s a bit odd having that open area between your panels. I find that it helps me line things up if I use some post it scraps to hold things in place!


Once things are lined up, apply a strip of adhesive to only the top and bottom edges of your focal panel, center, and adhere to the top and bottom panels. Pretty cool, right?


Embellish as desired. I’ve used butterflies, and cut out a flower from the designer paper for these two cards. A few little pearls finished these off nicely.


For this card, I turned the sentiment the opposite direction, and embellished with smaller butterflies and some tiny gemstones.


Hope you give this a try!
If you do, be sure to let me know – I’d love to see your beautiful creations!

Thanks for stopping by today,

Patti J.