Jun 052017

Good morning!

I’m the Monday morning hostess at The House That Stamps Built. It’s my turn to share a ‘Project of the Week’ with all of you.

Today, I will show you how to use the Repeat Impressions ‘Stamp-A-Box’.
This is such a fun little box – it only measures about an inch wide, tall, and deep when finished – just perfectly sized for a Hershey’s kiss!

For today’s tutorial, I’m using this Repeat Impressions stamp: 3502 – Rose Stamp-A-Box

Let’s get started!

You will need your box stamp, some scissors, ink, and either markers or patterned papers.


You will need to stamp your image. I used a very faint ink color, as I didn’t want the
dotted lines to show through.


Here’s what the pattern looks like when stamped in black ink.


I took some Spectrum Noir markers, and just colored the whole thing.


I decided I didn’t like the roses that way, so I stamped just the upper portion of the image
again, on a designer paper.


Just the flowers were fussy cut, and glued onto the sloppily colored roses.


Here is what the box looks like now!
I put the box on my Scor-Pal, and scored on all of the fold lines,
then added Scor-Tape to the end flap, and one of the bottom flaps.
As you can see, there are cut lines on the roses. Cut those now, as well.


Adhere the small end flap to the other side of the box. It will then look like this.


Fold in two of the bottom flaps…then fold in the flap with the Scor-Tape on it.
Fold the last flap in, creating your box bottom.


Now for the fun part! It’s all beginning to come together!
Add a ‘kiss’, or whatever you’d like.


Fold in the two top flaps, and then ‘intersect’ the two cut lines on your roses.


Voila! Is this not the cutest little tiny box ever?


Thanks for taking time to visit today – hope you’ll try one of these cute boxes!



I hope that you will give this a try!
Come back and let us know if you do – we’d love to see your finished projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Patti J.

Apr 102017

Hey there!

Can you believe it’s already Monday?

It’s my turn to be the Project of the Week hostess here at The House that Stamps Built.

Today, I will share how easy it is to make a card with a split front. These always draw lots of oooh’s and aaah’s, and look far more difficult and labor intensive than they really are. I know that you’ll want to make one and I can’t wait to see it!!!

These Repeat Impressions stamps were used:
8620-D Healing
4002-G Heartfelt Sympathy
1137-E Mother’s Day

First you will need an A2 card base. I cut mine at 4.25″ x 11″.


Since I’m making more than one card, you will see two of everything :)

Score your cardstock at 5.5″


Burnish your score lines.


Decide which will be your bottom front of card. Cut 1.25″ off and set aside.


Cut another 1.25″ off.


This is what you should have.
You will only need one of the 1.25″ white strips. You can either discard the second one, or if you’re a hoarder like me, you can save it for another project!


Now you will need some layers. You will need:

one piece of designer paper that measures 3.75″ x 2.25″
one piece of designer paper that measures .75″ x 3.75″
one piece of ‘matting’ cardstock that measures 4″ x 2.5″
one piece of ‘matting’ cardstock that measures 1″ x 4″
one piece of matting cardstock that measures 2″ x 2.75″*
one piece of white cardstock that measures 1.75″ x 2.5″*
*depending on your sentiment or image the last two pieces may vary in size from my card.

These are the layers that you will have (these are not yet assembled – I’ve just laid them out for you to see)


Stamp your image or sentiment on your white panel. Lucky for me, there is this really fabulous white cardstock that I use, which enables me to turn my piece over and try again in the event of a mis-stamp!


Now, just begin assembling all of your layers.


Top of card


Here, you will place your white strip at the bottom of your card, being careful to line it up with your bottom edge of the card back. It’s a bit odd having that open area between your panels. I find that it helps me line things up if I use some post it scraps to hold things in place!


Once things are lined up, apply a strip of adhesive to only the top and bottom edges of your focal panel, center, and adhere to the top and bottom panels. Pretty cool, right?


Embellish as desired. I’ve used butterflies, and cut out a flower from the designer paper for these two cards. A few little pearls finished these off nicely.


For this card, I turned the sentiment the opposite direction, and embellished with smaller butterflies and some tiny gemstones.


Hope you give this a try!
If you do, be sure to let me know – I’d love to see your beautiful creations!

Thanks for stopping by today,

Patti J.

Feb 202017

Good morning!

I’m the Monday morning hostess at The House That Stamps Built. It’s my turn to share a ‘Project of the Week’ with all of you. Today, I chose ‘Stamping on Photos’ as my topic for the day.

If you are a very patient person, there’s nothing to this technique. However, patience is not my strongest asset!

For today’s tutorial, I’m using these Repeat Impressions stamps:

8621-E Congratulations
2821-H Wish You Were Here

Let’s get started!

First, you will need an ink that works on non-porous materials. I’ve found that these three inks work best. StazOn is my favorite. It’s permanent and can be used on paper, transparencies, etc. It also dries faster than the other two do.

The key to stamping on anything slick is to NOT rock or wiggle, and to let things dry. Don’t even THINK about touching them for what will seem like an eternity! You might test on some extra photos before stamping on something important.


Since I tend to rock and wiggle, I thought it best to use my MISTI for this project. First, you will decide where you want the stamp to be. Place it face down on your photo.


Close the door, gently press on your stamp, and open the door. The stamp should be on the left side. Straighten it up a bit, if needed, then ink stamp. Shut the door again, and press gently on the stamp. When you open the door, your stamping should be ‘picture perfect’…hee hee. If it’s not, you can just close the door, and have another go at stamping.

Now, if you do not have a MISTI, I highly recommend using a stamp positioner of some sort – Stamp-a-ma-jigs work great, but you have to be careful not to smear if you re-stamp.



The next step is to create you card!

I have to admit to ‘that moment’, when you’re typing up your blog, you’re on a very tight timeline, and you look at the photo, and realize that you DID smear some ink! Yep….just look at my upper left arm! Not a bruise. Nope, it’s ink! Ranger Archival Black Ink, so it’s not going away anytime soon!


I used the same procedure for this next card. This photo has a story behind it that I’ll share at the bottom of this page. I’m thinking this will actually be going into a scrapbook, as it’s a special story!!!



I hope that you will give this a try! Come back and let us know if you do – we’d love to see your finished projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Patti J.

My story is this: I’ve been morbidly obese nearly all of my adult life. In August 2015, I made a life changing decision, had weight loss surgery, and began losing weight. For 40 years, I was the mom on the sidelines, watching other moms participate. Our kids were not raised on a beach, or in a pool – that would mean I’d have to wear a swim suit… Anyway, by the time this photo was taken, I’d lost about 85-90 pounds, and was feeling very good. I’d flown to Germany to help our daughter, as she had a toddler and a new baby, and her hubby had to come to the US for 10 days or so. One day, DD told me that we were going on a hike. I got my shoes on, made a bathroom stop (thank goodness!!!), and off we went. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up at the base of this ‘hill’, and she informed me that we were going to the top! I nearly cried! “I can’t do this”, I said, repeatedly. She calmly and loving said that I COULD do this, and that she’d help me. We made it to the top and only stopped for a couple of short breaks. When I got to the top, it was the best feeling ever! She had so much faith in me, while in my own mind, I was still that mom on the sidelines! Thanks to our sweet Melissa, for helping me grow!

Dec 122016

Happy Monday, everyone! As I mentioned last week, we’re taking a break from our usual projects and challenges this month to bring back our Rock Star Spotlight series. This little game of questions has proved to be a fun way to get to know the artists behind the cards we’ve been sharing. So each Monday and Wednesday throughout December we’ll be featuring a different Rock Star and showing off some of their latest creations too.

We hope you will visit often and leave each of these talented ladies a little love in the comments. And to make it even more fun for you, we’ll be awarding a $25 Repeat Impressions gift certificate to one lucky commenter. Every comment earns you another chance to win. So visit and comment often. We’ll use random.org to choose a winner and make the announcement the first Monday of next month.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on RI Rock Star, Patti J. Gilliam.

Creations by Patti J. Gilliam.
Visit Patti J’s blog.

1. Tell us a little about your family.
I married my handsome man, Stan, nearly 44 years ago! We are still best friends, and forever soulmates. He is my #1 fan, and supports me in my every endeavor. We have two wonderful grown children, and have been blessed with a daughter-in-law, and son-in-law that we love like our own. In the past three years, we’ve been lucky enough to become grandparents to three amazing grandchildren! Our son and his family live in NM, and our daughter and her family live in VA., so we keep the highways and runways heated up with our ‘need’ to travel to the NE or SW (we live in MO., which is almost exactly the same mileage either direction). We have 20 paws that belong to our fluffy, furry grand-doggies, and 4 paws that belong to our own little hairy beast, Sophie.

2. How did you get into stamping?
I was experiencing Empty Nest, so I signed up for a card making class at a local store. A week later, I borrowed an item from the teacher, and the rest is history. I became a total stamping addict, and my teacher, Shirley, became my best friend. What fun that we are now both designing for Repeat Impressions!!!

3. What is your favorite holiday or occasion to create cards for?
Christmas! The possibilities are endless – soft and glittery snowy scenes, to red and green Santa’s and trees!

4. What is your favorite stamping style or technique?
My favorite style is clean and simple. My favorite technique is coloring – it’s so therapeutic and relaxing!

5. What is your favorite color combo and coloring method?
I love to see red, turquoise, black and white on a project – so classy and fun. Alcohol markers are my favorite coloring method – I use both Copic and Spectrum Noir markers.

6. Aside from the usual necessities, what one crafting tool could you not go a day without?
My MISTI! I waited a long time to get one. I was sure that it was just another ‘thing’ that I’d buy, and stash. However, unless I’m using a wood mounted stamp, I use my MISTI tool with every single project I create. (It’s all Shirley’s fault…she wanted one, so we ordered together to save postage!).

7. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
I guess I’m both. I don’t sleep much, so you may find me on the computer at midnight, and again at 4 a.m.! When do you do most of your stamping? I always tell myself that I’ll do my ‘chores’ first, and craft as a reward for getting things done, but usually, I craft in the mornings, and speed through my chores in the afternoon, just in time for my Mr. to come home!

8. Tell us a little about your craft room/stamping space. And are you neat and organized or creatively messy?
I can WISH I was neat and tidy, right? Seriously, we have an undersized garage that we finished into what I call the CRoffice. I have part for my craft room, and my handsome man has part for his office. My part keeps edging him a bit further into the corner, but I try really hard to play nice and share. I am totally, 100% creatively messy!

9. What has been your biggest stamping challenge?
Shaking my head left to right…telling myself NO! I think I ‘need’ every new gadget that comes out. I’ve finally learned to tell the difference between what is needed and what is wanted.

10. What’s the best stamping related gift you ever received?
Hands down, my Copic markers. My handsome man bought me a huge bundle that a lady had purchased. She joined Stampin’ Up, and had to use their markers, so she sold the lot for $300.00. He insisted I get them, and I use them daily.

11. If money were no object, what new crafting tool or supply would you choose?
A Brother Scan and Cut, so I could have a die cut for ALL of my Repeat Impressions designs!

12. Tell us 3 of your most favorite Repeat Impressions’ designs.
1. 4221-K Deer Family Silhouette. 2. 2102-M Peace. 3. 2008-K Shepherd Boy.

13. Not including stamping, what’s your favorite pastime?
I guess I should say ‘reading a good book’, but good golly, I do SO love to kick on some great music and sing and dance while doing housework, or baking. I’m not good, but I have fun!!!

14. What’s on your perfect pizza?
I like any and all toppings, but I’m not your average pizza eater. After having weight loss surgery 15 months ago, I do a bite or two of crust, and then eat just the topping. Sophie, however, LOVES pizza night!

15. What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Butter pecan or pecan praline…please don’t make me pick!!!

16. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
In May, I visited our daughter, who was still living in Germany. She and I, and the baby, hiked straight up this incredible path to an old castle ruins. I never thought at my age, that I’d be able to do something like that again. Being 115 pounds lighter definitely has freed me to try new things! Can I tell two??? Also, in April, my hubby and I took our first cruise (our 43 years later honeymoon we’d never had) and I zip lined for the first time ever, in Montego Bay!

17. Name 3 things on your “bucket list”.
1. Taking the ‘grands’ to Disneyworld. 2. Skydiving 3. Riding in a horsedrawn carriage on a beautiful, cold winter night with my sweetie (like in the Hallmark movies, right?).

18. If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?
This is a tough one, because I seriously dislike having to shop at all. Friends say they would love a housekeeper. Me? I’d love a personal shopper! So…….as bad as I dread going into a Wal-Mart, I guess that would be my choice. We live in a rural area, and pretty much anything we need from milk to toilet paper has to come from there, so I may as well get it for free!

19. If you could take only 3 items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?
1. My Bible. 2. My soulmate! 3. A good book.

20. If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction? And who would play you in the movie of your life?
Without question, it would be a romantic-comedy. My part would be played by Cameron Diaz!

Many thanks to Patti for the wonderful card creation and for sharing her responses here with us. What fun! Now be sure to leave her some love here below in the comments for your chance at our $25 gift certificate! Then join us again on Wednesday for our next Rock Star Spotlight featuring Laurie Unger.

Thank you for visiting with us today. Hope your week is off to a great start!

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