Mar 252010

Carnival Mask by Caroline Ouzts HayOn my journey from Maine to Philadelphia today I got to thinking about all the wonderful people I’ve come to know since getting into the stamping business. And thanks to the magic of the internet the world is my oyster!

For example, when I put together Repeat’s first Design Team I had the pleasure of getting to know a group of talented women most of whom I have never met. It was stamping that brought us together of course, but with time I found there were other added benefits too. Like friendship! The discovery of common bonds… like a passion for our “fur kids” or an appreciation for a really good book or a willing competitor for my online Scrabble addiction. I think you all know who you are 😉

My now friend and Repeat Design Team alum, Caroline Ouzts Hay, is one of these people. Caroline created the fantastic little mask shown here. I think it is such a unique use of our quilt square stamp. That’s one of the things I like most about this business. I take great pleasure in designing a stamp and then seeing all the wonderful things people create with them. Often times I am pleasantly surprised… like with this mask :-) Please do visit Caroline’s blog, Glitter Tart Designs, to see what other great things she has created!

In addition to online relationships, it has been my good fortune to meet thousands of you on my travels across the country doing stamp shows. Many a new friendship has been forged at a Friday night Make It Take It Project Party or chatting over my demo table at a convention. Besides being wildly creative, stampers as a whole are a great, fun-loving bunch. I always look forward to returning to a city year after year to do a show and seeing so many familiar, friendly faces.

So if you live in the Philly area and will be coming to the StampScrapArtTour show this weekend please do stop by and say hello. After all, you can never have too many stamping friends!

Hope to meet you soon…

P.S. Just a reminder… it’s not too late to apply for our new Design Team. Please visit the Design Team Call page on our website for details soon. Call ends March 31st, 2010.

Mar 192010

"House That Stamps Built" plaqueLet me tell you a little story…

Once upon a time a woman ventured into her local craft store in search of a new hobby. The nice saleslady there introduced her to rubber stamping and even signed her up for a class. After discovering the magic of embossing powder the woman quickly became addicted. She happily purchased 6 or 7 stamps right on the spot. And just a few short weeks later she had already accumulated dozens of stamps! (Sound familiar?)

Well it just so happens that this newly addicted stamper was my mother. She then began to encourage me to turn my collection of illustrations into rubber stamps. I think she had ulterior motives 😉

As an artist I was always open to new ways to market my work. And my husband, Bill, who was looking to make a career change at that time, jumped at the idea of learning a new skill and the opportunity to play with power tools on a daily basis. And so Repeat Impressions was born and rubber stamps took over our lives.

At the time we started our business we were living in a three bedroom condo. We turned one bedroom into an office and set up workshop space in our garage. A year later a second bedroom had been turned into storage space for our inventory and supplies, we could no longer park a car in the garage, and rubber stamps had somehow crept into my dresser drawers… something had to give.

Rather than move the business and have to commute, we opted to build a home around our business. So we found a little parcel of land where we wouldn’t bother our neighbors… most people don’t appreciate the buzz of a saw at odd hours… and built a nice little home with plenty of room for our workshop and office.

After we were all moved in and the dust had settled my Mom presented us with a little housewarming gift. Inside the box was this nice plaque inscribed with the words “Wendy & Bill’s ~ House That Stamps Built.” How great was that? And so true! That plaque is still proudly displayed in the entrance of our home. And we’ve worked and lived here happily ever after ever since!

Thank you for stopping by to hear our story,